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Narnia - Caspian/Peter - Of Miracles - R

Title: Of Miracles
Author: Zhiole
Beta: /
Language: English
Disclaimer: The characters of this story don't belong to me. I just use the characters to write this small piece of fiction, which is written only for fun and entertainment and no other purpose, meaning that I don't earn money with this fanfiction and never will.
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, M/M-Relationship; Mpreg (Male Pregnancy); Betrayal; F/M-Relationship/Sex; AU – The Pevensies didn't return to England, but stayed in Narnia!
Pairing: Peter Pevensie/Caspian X
Short Summary: Peter muses over the past years together with Caspian, and asks himself if he should have done something in another way than he did.
Author's Notes: My mother tongue ain't English. I've been learning this language for about a couple of years now, but I'm still not as good as I'd like to be. If you find a mistake/mistakes (grammar, tenses, etc.), I'd be grateful to you for pointing them out...


Sometimes, when Peter muses over his past few years, he really thinks that he should have had a stronger back in a few moments. More willpower. More acted on logical thought than on emotions and feelings. Maybe he should have stopped trying to think with his heart and his dick and instead started to think with his brain. He still isn't sure what exactly he did wrong, every single time, even though he has tried out every possible scenario and overthought every move he ever made.

Maybe he's just stupid. He doesn't want to know anymore, really.


The first possible situation in which he should have really – really – listened to his brain instead of listening to his lower regions, is when he first met Caspian.

He'd seen him glancing at both Susan and Edmund, after all. But no! He'd been too captivated by the brown curls, the hazelnut eyes, the lovely face, the soft skin, the lush lips.

That had led him into all the other situations he'd been in, concerning Caspian and himself and their relationship.


The second time he should have done something different has been when he had heard Caspian and Edmund having some 'privat fun' with each other close to the How.

He should have forgotten about Caspian, then. He should have kept his feelings and his arousal to himself. He shouldn't have watched. He really shouldn't have, Edmund was his brother, after all.

He had watched anyways.

He'd felt quite guilty afterwards, of course, and wasn't able to look either of the two in the eye for quite some time. But he'd never openly regretted it, not a single second.

Because, in his fantasy, it was quite easy to replace Edmund with himself – they were brothers, after all.


They had fucked. Not made love, but fucked, behind some bushes. Dangerously close to the How.

And Peter had enjoyed every damn little second of it.

It hadn't been planned, of course. He'd accidentally run into Caspian on his way to somewhere...'quieter'. They hadn't really talked or anything, the only words that had passed – at the very same time - between them were:

''I know you saw. I won't stop.''

''I saw. We've to talk.''

And then, sort of, they'd just jumped each other and had spent nearly two hours outside the How, wildly kissing, fumbling and always fighting for dominance.

They didn't talk about it afterwards.


They had started some kind of 'relationship' after defeating Miraz and the Telmarine soldiers.

Peter supposes they only did it because they were bored and had nothing better to do than drink wine and fuck afterwards.


Said 'relationship' had become serious after Caspian nearly lost Peter on a trip through Narnia. Some spots were still dangerous for the Kings and Queens of Old and the Prince.

Long story short: Peter had found himself with an arrow in his shoulder before he had the chance to make out any enemies.

His recovery had been quite long, and Caspian had been by his side most of the time. Peter still cannot explain when their feelings had changed from 'being friendly and liking the other's body' to 'I think I might have fallen in love with him'.


Two weeks after the recovery, the two of them had been able to sleep with each other again. That time, it had been different than all the other times before – gentler, more loving, more careful, so much more passionate and intense.

It had been the night when they had admitted their feelings for each other.


A couple of weeks later, they were close to being engaged with each other.

But Caspian, of course, had to somewhat ruin the moment. Or, rather, his behaviour through Peter's recovery had. Or, to be more precise: Caspian's inability to keep it 'in his pants' was what totally ruined their little newfound romance.

Peter had to find out, first-hand, from a very drunken Telmarine girl that Caspian had had some fun with her while Peter had been unable to sleep with Caspian and keep him somewhat satisfied. Of course, Peter didn't really care when she told him that Caspian had moaned the name 'Peter' when he came.


Still, Peter was engaged to Caspian no more than two months after finding out about his unfaithfulness.

Caspian had begged and apologised and crawled on all fours in front of Peter until said one finally, finally, forgave him. And he'd made up for his 'mistake' afterwards by being there for Peter whenever said one needed him – whenever it was the whole person or only a special part of him.

And, despite himself, Peter hadn't been able to be angry for too long – Caspian had stayed with him, after all. Also, he was in love – people in love were able to forgive almost everything.



Because even before they were wed to each other, Peter had found himself confronted with another story about his 'beloved' Caspian X, the Unfaithful.

And again, it was his little brother that had gotten himself into trouble without meaning to. And again, Caspian had tried to apologise and beg for forgiveness until Peter forgave him.

That time, though, it hadn't been pure love or true forgiveness anymore – Peter would later admit that it was a first hint of resignition.


Their wedding day was one of the most beautiful days in Peter's life – which had many happy days, of course, but this one was one of the really, very special ones.

They had a big wedding, of course, and a truly beautiful wedding night.

After which Peter found himself in a rather...uncommon situation.


But before he'd the chance to tell Caspian of his luck – of both of their luck – he had to walk in on him and catch him together with his sister Susan.

Naked, entangled, panting, having passionate sex in Peter's and Caspian's bed.

They had tried to make it right, to talk to Peter, but said one had found himself running down the floor, into an empty corner and vomiting violently.

Lucy had comforted him afterwards, when was pale and shuddering. And when he cried and cursed Caspian as well as Susan.

And she had held him after he'd told her how Susan had sat with him, just like this, after he'd found out about Caspian and the Telmarine girl.


He told Caspian about his pregnancy only a few weeks before the baby was due. He hadn't let Caspian touch him since, nor had he really spoken to him.

But he'd given up the chance of Caspian ever being faithful to him, of only being with him the way he wanted – maybe he'd asked too much of Caspian. Demanded too much.

Caspian had gone deadly pale and had stammered and nearly cried in front of Peter. Said one had stormed off, no emotion evident in his face.

He didn't demand anything anymore. He'd given up, utterly and totally. He'd carry the child, give birth to it, hope that it was no boy, no son, no heir – and then he'd just let Caspian watch over Narnia. He'd just...disappear. Hopefully, together with his child.


He nearly died, again, during birth. They had to cut him open and take the baby out of his womb, and Caspian had been by his side, holding his hand and whispering in his ear. Words of love, of promise, of the ever-present apology. Peter had forgiven him.

And when they had found out that it wasn't one, but were two children, a boy as well as a girl, both of them had to overthink their plans for the future.

It was the day that Caspian had decided to never, ever do so much as look at another person than Peter.


And when their twins grew from babies into toddlers, Caspian still hadn't broken his promise. And when their children were two years old, the two of them had found back into the relationship Peter wanted to have with Caspian.

Only, Caspian now wanted the relationship as much as Peter did, and not only for the sake of the children or himself, but because he had realised how much he needed Peter – and how close he had been to loosing him.


And when their children turned three years old, Peter gave birth to another child – another girl.



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Dec. 20th, 2010 01:09 pm (UTC)
his brother and sisters were there when he got the arrow that almost killed him and he was down for 2 weeks- why didn't luce just give him the healing tonic? same thing with the birth for that matter- or in your AU there is no healing tonic?

so caspian fucked ed and su but no lu? and su was with him on their wedding night- he was king/queen then- he should have had her executed. i would have.
the story was pretty entertaining- it seemed more an experiment in anst than a true story though.
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